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PEMF Information





PEMF therapy is intended to be a supplement to, and NOT a substitute for professional medical care and treatment.  In the case of any serious medical ailment or condition you should ALWAYS consult your doctor or licensed professional for advice.

PEMF therapy will NOT counteract poor health decisions.  You need to do your part with a healthy diet, proper hydration, exercise, stress reduction, and avoid putting toxins in and on your body.

PEMF therapy does not target any particular disease or condition.  PEMF helps in maximizing cellular function and circulation so the body can heal itself.  Long term imbalances in the body may require multiple and regular sessions in order to facilitate and maintain the level of healing desired.


What is PEMF?

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is similar to charging a battery, which is each and every one of your cells. PEMF stimulates atoms, increases electronic spin, aligns molecules, and generates very small microcurrents that tend to run along nerve pathways. This leads to an increase in intercellular communication and metabolic processes in part due to increased circulation, oxygenation, alkalization, ATP production (the form of energy used by cells to perform work such as running enzymes), and optimized cell membrane potential. As a result, cells regenerate, oxidative stress and inflammation is reduced, immune responses are more robust, the feelgood endorphins are boosted, depleted adrenal and other endocrine gland functions are restored. 



What equipment do you use?

We use the iMRS 2000. Features of this are:

  • Uses exclusively earth-based and brain-state frequencies … So your cells can optimally tune in and resonate to these healing energies
  • Uses the research-proven sawtooth waveform…   Which provides the cells with a full spectrum of needed frequencies and optimal ion transport.
  • Is the only Full Body Mat PEMF device using the Research-Proven squarewave… Which was PROVEN to be the most effective for healing, regeneration and pain relief
  • Is the only pulsed magnetic therapy device to have a True Biorhythm clock… Which helps to synchronize the body and mind to be energized in the morning and relaxed at night
  • Has 3 pairs of tightly wound pure copper coils (not wire mesh like competitors)… Which gives a pure pulsed magnetic field and deeper penetration for a more effective treatment
  • Reverses polarity every two minutes and has a complex varying waveform…. Which prevents habituation and acclimation so you will get long-term benefits
  • Has the ideal range of Intensities from pico tesla to 300 uTesla… Which is great for both sensitive people needing a gentle setting and high-end athletes who need a stronger intensity
  • Minimizes Electrosmog Exposure by Converting AC to DC at the wall with a special plug…Which further insures you will only receive the natural earth-based frequencies that the body needs for healing and repair
  • Has a new biofeedback system called the iMORE (Interactive Monitoring and Regulation System)…Which automatically adjusts the intensity to match what the body needs AND further prevents habituation for long-term benefits. The biofeedback takes the guesswork out of using the iMRS system and puts using the system on "autopilot" so you can just relax and enjoy the benefits.
  • Has a complementary light and Sound System that is synchronized to the frequencies in the mat called the iSLRS (integrated Sound-Light Relaxation System)…Which uses binaural beats and LEDs to synchronize both hemispheres of the brain further relaxing both body and mind and enhancing creativity and brain functioning.

How does PEMF work?

  • PEMF enhances basic cell functions - Cross-membrane voltages and ATP production - It is possible to measure a voltage between the inside and outside of every cell in your body. That’s literally the energy in the body, and research proves the voltage is higher in healthy people. PEMF studies show it increases this voltage and enhances the production of ATP, the body’s energy building block. With more energy cells work better.
  • Transport of minerals, nutrients, and oxygen - When the cells work better they can take in more of the things they need like minerals, nutrients, and oxygen.
  • Elimination of toxins and carbon dioxide - The cells work more effectively to get rid of the things they don’t need like toxins and carbon dioxide.
  • PEMF improve micro-circulation - The Rouleaux effect - One of the bad things blood cells do is stick or “clump” together. That makes it difficult for blood to flow through the tiny micro-capillaries in your circulatory system… and that means the minerals, nutrients, and oxygen can’t get to the cells, and the toxins and carbon dioxide can’t be taken away from the cells.  PEMF therapy reduces blood “clumping” And that means the cells work better.
  • PEMF regenerates organs and neurons - Research shows that PEMF signals of specific frequencies are effective for rebuilding and regenerating organs in the body including neurons. iMRS PEMF incorporates those frequencies into sawtooth wave EMF signal.
  • PEMF therapy rebuilds tissues - Scientific studies, including those done by NASA prove that PEMF square waves are effective in reducing pain and rebuilding tissues. It is great for all kinds of injuries.
  • iMRS PEMF is the only system that delivers square waves in its pillow/pad and probe applicators. It is perfect for localized healing.

What happens during a PEMF session?

The client is asked to lie on a mat.  A probe or a pillow may be used to target specific areas of the body.  A biofeedback device is placed on the client's finger and a mask providing light and sound may be used.  Once the equipment is set, the client simply relaxes for the duration of the session.  The probe or the pillow may be moved by the practitioner throughout the session to cover the various areas. 

What does a session feel like?

Most (if not all) do not feel any physical sensations during the session.  Some may feel tingling or "wave-like" sensations.  Some will feel relaxed after a session.  Some will feel energized after a session

Are there any contraindications for PEMF?

For legal reasons we will not treat individuals with:

  • pacemakers
  • insulin pumps
  • other electrical implants (i.e. hearing aids etc)

We will not treat:

  • anyone who is pregnant or may be pregnant
  • anyone who has had an organ transplant or who is on the list to receive an organ transplant 
  • anyone with epilepsy or anyone who has had a seizure within the last 5 years
  • anyone who has had chemotherapy or radiation therapy within the last 48 hours

Do I undress for the treatment?

N0. All treatments are administered with you being fully dressed.  However, please try to wear something comfortable for the session to aid in relaxation.  We will ask that you remove any easily-removeable metal jewelry, watches, fitness trackers like Fitbit and any other electronic devices.  We will ask that the following be at least 3 feet away from the mat:   

  • Computers
  • Cell Phones
  • Credit Cards
  • Identification Cards
  • Electronic Car Key Fobs
  • Tags with Magnetic Stripes
  • Any other Electrical Devices


How long is a session?

Treatment sessions run from 10 minutes up to an hour and depend on the  frequency of your visits, your budget and your availability.

How many sessions will I need?

This is a difficult question to answer as everyone responds to PEMF differently.  Some will achieve the desired healing level very quickly, while others may take longer to achieve the same level of healing.   For all,  regular treatments are recommended to maintain the level of healing desired.  The key is to work within your budget and availability.


What are the benefits of PEMF?

  • Eliminate pain and inflammation naturally
  • Deep, rejuvenating sleep
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Feel younger, stronger and more flexible
  • Keep your bones strong and healthy
  • Help your body with healing and regeneration
  • Improve circulation and heart health

Is PEMF only for when I am sick?

NO!! PEMF is great for maintaining good health.  It is always takes less energy to maintain good health than  to achieve it.  PEMF is great for athletes looking to maximize their athletic performance.

Is PEMF some "new-agey" thing?

No.  PEMF therapy has been in use since the 1970s    

PEMF is FDA Approved for Bone fractures, Wound Healing, Pain, Tissue Swelling and Depression.   CPT Code G0295.  However, more than 10,000 scientific papers and 2000 double blind studies have been published on clinical studies of PEMF for various illness/complaints/conditions.

Is there anything I need to do after the session?

Drink a lot of water. Proper hydration ensures that the currents flow easily.  

Does PEMF replace Reiki therapy?

No, but it is a perfect complement to Reiki therapy when more physical healing is desired.  Reiki heals on emotional and spiritual levels as well as physical.

Is it covered by insurance?

No it is not.

Can it be used on my pet?

Yes!!  Animals love and can benefit from PEMF therapy as well.  We can treat most animals with our system.

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